(Pictured: Kennedy Marley, College of Law student)


Thanks to you, our students are preparing to become tomorrow’s leaders. 

By supporting scholarships and bursaries, emergency funding or experiential learning opportunities, you have enriched the lives of our students, enabling them to focus on their studies, develop life skills and be inspired to succeed. Thank you for your continued generosity. 

Together, we will Be What the World Needs

Through your support of the University of Saskatchewan, over the past year, your support has helped our students be what the world needs. 1929 generous donors supported student financial aid. 3027 donor-funded scholarships and bursaries. 115 new awards established this year. $15 M received to support scholarships and bursaries.

"I am so glad for your generous support. Education is life-changing, and I am so grateful that you have decided to support students like me financially as we travel on our learning journey."

Emily Zbaraschuk, second-year English major, College of Arts and Science

"This award has allowed me to focus on my studies, to be debt-free after college and for my family to support my several younger siblings to attend university."

John Paul Wasan, third-year Environmental Science major, College of Agriculture and Bioresources  



Thanks to you, students have scholarships and bursaries to support them on their academic journey.

With your support, deserving students receive scholarships and bursaries enabling them to focus on their studies instead of focusing on covering the costs of tuition, books and other study materials.

Last year, our best and brightest students were supported through the Chancellors’ and President’s First and Best Scholarship Fund and the Centennial Fund.  

"Thank you so much for your generosity. I have taken a risk in pursuing two degrees, and your scholarships are allowing me to continue working towards my ambitious goal. The impact of personal recognition is greatly appreciated, and it motivates me every day to work to my highest potential in class and with my peers."

Alec Remai, third-year Accounting major, Edwards School of Business  



In uncertain and challenging times, you have been there for our students. Through the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust, 138 students facing unexpected financial hardship were able to access the support they needed to continue their studies over the past year. 

Introduced in 2022, the Students at Risk Fund helps students impacted by international conflict or war and provides financial assistance that may be used to pay for counselling, flights to reunite with displaced family members, tuition, books, computers, and other necessities to attend university. The university continues to match all donations to this important fund.  

Graphic showing images to represent medical costs, funds for living arrangements, flights home and delays in or a sudden loss of funding.


"When students are able to focus their energy on their studies and on the community, they can achieve their full potential and develop into well-rounded people."

Lauren Aussant, Management major, BComm’23, Edwards School of Business

"Donors are such an important part of a student's life. They make opportunities possible for the students that receive their scholarships. Opportunities that may not otherwise have been available."

Anya Jackson, second-year, College of Kinesiology 



With your support, we are expanding experiential learning opportunities that allow our students to explore who they are and develop life-long friendships.

The President’s Student Experience Fund helps ensure a high-quality student experience by funding athletics, recreation, scholarships and bursaries, and educational conference opportunities, including study-abroad programs.

This past year, the President's Student Experience Fund supported initiatives such as the JDC West business competition, the PAWS Your Stress therapy dog program on campus and Discovering the Amatis, a concert series to showcase the historic collection of Amati string instruments at USask.  

"It is with deep gratitude that we recognize your support as the pathway to a brighter future for this university. On behalf of our vibrant community of students, globally renowned researchers, esteemed faculty, and the entire campus, I extend my utmost appreciation to you, our donors."

Peter Stoicheff, President and Vice-Chancellor