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The College of Dentistry has a reputation for training some of the top dental clinicians in Canada.

Our mission is to embrace the entire dental team and ensure that the oral health professionals of tomorrow are ready to meet the needs of the entire population.

Your support will help the College of Dentistry realize its full potential, and help us shape a brighter future for the dental profession.


With alumni, donors and community partners like you, we will impact our students and the dental profession and Be What the World Needs.


We cannot be satisfied with facilities and technology from decades past as we establish a standard for higher education that meets the challenges of tomorrow. Access to the latest resources and equipment will propel the College of Dentistry to our full potential in student life, in graduate competency and in faculty breakthroughs.

Featured Projects:

The Dental Education Clinic on campus is outdated — the operatory chairs and rear-delivery units were not designed to accommodate a patient and family member, dental and dental assisting students, up to two instructors, and storage for in-operatory supplies. The renovation will address these issues and give the college a patient-centred facility.

The relocation of the simulation labs to the College of Dentistry building will create additional opportunities for peer-to-peer informal learning and better access to professors and student supports.

The dental profession experiences continual introduction of new technology. To ensure students benefit from a superior education and are properly prepared for contemporary dental practice, the college needs to:
  • Increase the number of intra-oral x-ray units
  • Replace all dental equipment in a fully renovated and redesigned dental clinic
  • Replace all dental simulators in a relocated and redesigned preclinical simulation lab

  • Outfit clinical spaces with technology that supports a digital approach to dental care, including scanners, 3D printers, and CAD/CAM milling
  • Integrate a digital dentistry approach into our curriculum
  • Advance dental education through the acquisition of state-of-the-art haptic simulators

The GPR Clinic offers training in the management of medically complex and special needs patients in outpatient and hospital settings. Your support will help renovate and revitalize the clinic located at Royal University Hospital.


We are committed to ensuring that every student is engaged in an educational environment that prepares them for the future. Our programs provide students with the opportunity to develop skills, grow in confidence and discover how they will make a difference in the world. We want every student to leave the college with the knowledge, clinical ability, perspective and life skills they will require as oral health professionals.

Featured Projects:

PhD Program in Precision Oral and Systemic Health

Our PhD program develops future academics and industry researchers through research related to oral health and the “body-to-mouth” connection. Students participate in a full spectrum of didactic and experiential learning opportunities. Donor support provides four graduate student scholarships each year, which makes it possible to operate our PhD program.

Bachelor of Science in Dentistry

The BSc DENT program provides students with the opportunity to develop research knowledge and skill while conducting authentic research. Donor support helps provide a stipend for five deserving students each program year.

Dental Assisting

As the need for dental care grows, so does the need for dental assistants. This certificate program provides students with an unprecedented amount of hands-on learning in the dental clinic.

Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy 

Our BSc in Dental Therapy is the only one in Canada. Oral health-care providers are trained to work with underserved populations and the admission of students from Indigenous communities is prioritized. Donor support will provide scholarships and bursaries.

Dental Hygiene 

The College of Dentistry believes in embracing the entire dental team. With that vision in mind, the college will introduce a dental hygiene program in 2024.

The College of Dentistry has reduced its fees for select advanced-level procedures to only 25 per cent of the CDSS fee guide, yet many patients are still unable to afford these elective procedures. Financial support to mitigate the cost of elective procedures will mean high-quality care for patients, while ensuring students gain advanced-level experience in specialized treatments such as endodontics, crown and bridge, and removable prosthetics.

If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact:

Anu Kashyap
Development Officer, College of Dentistry
Tel: 306-966-4001

Strong social supports play an important role in ensuring positive mental health. The college is committed to the well-being of students. We believe in strengthening their capacity as health professionals to feel, think and act in a manner that enhances their ability to deal with the challenges they face. Donor contributions to the Wellness Fund will help provide the tools to support students in their wellness journey.

Providing opportunities for student-led initiatives allows students to exercise their strengths, develop interests and prepare for their future. The college offers learning opportunities in interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication as a way to assist students in graduating as socially conscious leaders in our profession and communities.


Our commitment is to improve the quality of life of populations that are most affected by the social determinants of health. We offer educational opportunities and services to communities in ways that meet the needs of patients, cultivate mutual respect and engage people in defining their needs and aspirations. The services are provided in consultation with Indigenous leaders, community members and Elders in a culturally appropriate way.

Featured Projects:

The two-year Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy program focuses on dental care for Indigenous people and communities. Student selection criteria prioritizes Indigenous students. The program provides students with the skills and knowledge to support their work and life in Indigenous communities. It is the only dental therapy program in Canada.

If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact:

Anu Kashyap
Development Officer, College of Dentistry
Tel: 306-966-4001

Donor support for the Inclusive Community Care Fund helps fund the operation of dental clinics serving Indigenous populations in defined partner communities in Saskatchewan. These initiatives improve access to oral health care for underserved populations. For students, the clinics foster understanding around social responsibility and offer insight on how physical, social, cultural, psychological and economic factors affect oral health.


The College of Dentistry has built a thriving research environment from which valuable new knowledge emerges – discoveries that improve oral health outcomes and influence training of the next generation of dental professionals and oral health researchers.

Our current research spans three broad areas, with meaningful impact for patients, dental professionals, students, and beyond:

  • enhancing dental education through evidence-based approaches
  • improving clinical outcomes and access to dental care, focusing on priority populations
  • developing innovative diagnostics, therapeutics and disease biomarkers

Featured Projects:

Establish an endowment to support research needs:
  • Seed funding for innovative, early stage research projects to acquire preliminary data or proof of concept, as well as important small-budget clinical and educational research projects that are not well suited for research agency grants
  • Graduate Student Travel and Publication Awards
  • Infrastructure support for researchers who pursue highly technical research in diagnostics,  therapeutics and disease biomarkers and require specialized equipment for their cutting-edge research

If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact:

Anu Kashyap
Development Officer, College of Dentistry
Tel: 306-966-4001

Fellowships support high-performing graduate students who are pursuing a research-based doctoral degree in oral and/or oral-systemic health links. To excel, doctoral students must devote themselves full time to their program. Fellowships play an important role by alleviating financial strain on students, thus allowing them to concentrate their full efforts on the program. Without the contributions of doctoral students, the exciting research conducted in our college would not be possible. These competitive fellowships will provide deserving doctoral students with monthly stipends to support their living and program costs.

If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact:

Anu Kashyap
Development Officer, College of Dentistry
Tel: 306-966-4001

“Teachers and learners working together can transform the world and build a future that lends itself to social equity. It is inspiring to see students understand how empathy, diversity and social responsibility are inextricably linked to the profession of dentistry. The skills and knowledge they acquire at the College of Dentistry will benefit patients, families, and communities.”

Dr. Amrinderbir Singh (MPH'15)

Director of Inclusive Community Outreach and assistant professor, College of Dentistry

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