On March 17, 2020, an outpouring of support for students in crisis resonated with the USask community. An amazing XXX of you— students, alumni, and members of our campus community—came together and raised $XXX, XXX for the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust.

One Day for Students is the University of Saskatchewan’s annual day of giving, where the campus community, our alumni, donors and friends are invited to make a special donation that can help students overcome hurdles to their educational goals.

If you made your gift to One Day for Students, thank you for your generosity!
You have made a real difference in someone’s life.

Did you miss your chance to donate?

There is still time to donate to the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust by making a gift of any amount.

The impact of One Day

In one day, you and the entire USask community unveiled the power of philantrophy to students facing financial crisis. Here’s what some of you shared:

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A student’s story—how emergency funding gave hope and support

“I had an overdrawn bank account, a pile of bills, and a looming eviction notice on my apartment. If I was not able to pay my rent before the end of the month both me and my son would be kicked out. At this point, I had run out of options and I was feeling very defeated.

With only one week left to make rent, the student met with a Student Central representative to discuss emergency funding. “In his office, I could feel the weight of all the stress crashing down on me, knowing this was my last option for help. But, I received compassion, understanding, and care for my well-being as soon as I met with the coordinator."

Luckily, your support made help available.

Receiving emergency funding was a life-changing moment for the student. “I felt like I could breathe again! The moment I heard those words, I cried with tremendous gratitude!” The student explained that they could feel the strain of debt be lifted from their shoulders.

“I am still so thankful for the financial help I received because it provided me with the help I needed. I am very grateful for all of those who contribute to this fund,” they said.

*The student’s name has been removed to protect their privacy.

With a donation on One Day for Students, you’ll be helping assist students with unexpected crises, such as:

Flights home for funerals and other family emergencies
Delays in or a sudden loss of funding, especially loss of employment or other situational loss of income
Funds for alternative living arrangements after fires and family breakups
Unexpected increases in rent and other household expenditures
Personal health or medical emergencies
Extra medical costs, including expenses for children with special needs



What does ONE DAY FOR STUDENTS mean to you?

Carlos Muñoz Pimentel – current USask student

"One Day for Students is an opportunity to give back to the campus community. Being a part of the USask campus for the past four years, I’ve realized just how important it is to be among your peers and make sure they are all supported throughout their schooling.

"Here at USask, we are all a family and a community; we need to support one another and make sure that all of us are able to make it through, and make sure we all walk across that stage at convocation. To do that, sometimes, it requires support from everyone in this community—that’s what great about this university."

Naheda Sahtout – current USask student

"As students, we come to the University of Saskatchewan without realizing how many hardships we might face, whether it may be financial, mental, and emotional or just the stress of trying to do our exams and activities. One Day for Students is the day we come together and help provide students with the opportunity to achieve their goals.

"We’ve all faced a day, a month, a year where we’ve had circumstances that have kept us from really accomplishing what we wanted—someone was always there to help us. So, we need to do the same thing. We need to be there when someone else needs that assistance or needs that push to move forward and accomplish their goals."

Sheila Naytowhow – current USask student
"The One Day for Students campaign resonates with me in the sense of being able to give back and help others who are in need. I give back by being a Peer Mentor for ISAP Pathways, doing what I can to make sure Indigenous students in their first year of university feel a great sense of belonging and acceptance. I do my best to make sure students are aware of the resources offered on campus if they experiencing any type of crisis.

"Donor support definitely made a huge impact on me. Last summer, I was going through a sudden financial crisis. I looked for any kind of help and was very fortunate to find financial assistance. I am very thankful to the donors and the great impact it had on me. Their support was the reason why I was able to get through a very hard time in my life and I will always be thankful for that."



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How to access the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust

If you are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis, please contact Student Central to complete a crisis aid application. This assessment will help determine the most appropriate response to your individual needs.
Student Central can be reached at:
Administration Building 105 Admin Place