One Day for Students

Thank you!

On March 14, the U of S community came together in support of students facing financial crisis, raising $46,436 for the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust.
Professor Emeritus Dr. Kay and Mrs. Dora Nasser, U of S alumni and philanthropists, matched all donations to the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust, and were so inspired that they also matched the additional $5,345 donated to other U of S priorities on One Day for Students, bringing the total raised to $103,695 from over 500 donors.

We asked the campus community, alumni, donors and friends to share how they give. Here's how a few responded:

Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust

What donors said

"Thank you, Nasser family, for everything you do for the students and for this community."

"I have seen with my own eyes the great good this fund does, especially in the hands of the kind and thoughtful people who administer it."

"Although I never needed this support in my university days I can well imagine a student in need."

Student leaders with Kay and Dora Nasser, Debra Pozega Osburn and Shaina Lynden during One Day for Students in 2018.

Thanks to your support of the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust,
you'll be helping assist students with unexpected crises, such as:

Flights home for funerals and other family emergencies
Delays in or a sudden loss of funding, especially loss of employment or other situational loss of income; funds to replace stolen personal belongings
Funds for alternative living arrangements after fires and family breakups
Unexpected increases in rent and other household expenditures
Personal medical emergencies; extra medical costs, including expenses for children with special needs

How to access the Nasser Emergency Student Trust

If you are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis, please contact Student Central to complete a crisis aid application. This assessment will help determine the most appropriate response to your individual needs.

Student Central can be reached at:
Administration Building 105 Admin Place

Our students make a difference by giving back to their community

"The awards I have received throughout my education were a morale booster – it meant that someone else valued my work.

I was inspired to create an award for graduate students with disabilities to encourage them, and remind them that they shouldn’t feel that their disability is a barrier to pursuing higher education. I would hope they would feel proud of who they are and be willing to pursue whatever they want to accomplish in life.”

– Naheda Sahtout, Ph.D. Candidate – Department of Chemistry

"Students struggle with paying rent, buying food, clothes, or paying bills while sometimes working a full-time job and being a full-time student.

Having donors willing to support students through hard times means that they see the struggle we are facing, and that they are there to support us along the way, to know that we are not alone.

It is comforting  to know that there is a community here for us, if we need some extra support to get through hard times."

– Crystal Lau, USSU VP Student Affairs

"The Agriculture Student Association does a number of charity fundraisers throughout the year. Most of the money we raise comes from families, or is coming from students themselves - it's not from large corporations.

We're able to do so many events because of the number of students who want to be involved. When you have like-minded people wanting to give back and wanting to do something good, you can move mountains."

– Carson Jorgenson, Public Relations Officer, Agriculture Student Association

You can still make a difference in a student's life by giving

to the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust today!